The largest spinning class in Qatar

We are very happy to have been the official organizer in conjunction with the Qatari Olympic Committee of the largest spinning class in Qatar


How did we do it?


It all started with the group of friends from the spinning classes every Saturday that we organized at the Intercontinental Doha, where we thought: what if we do a massive class? Somewhere big in Qatar? And so it happened, after several months of meetings, getting all the bikes we needed for the event, the sponsors who would help us sponsor the event, the permits to carry out the event, the location, the consent of the government due to covid restrictions, the registration system for the classes, the trainers to be on stage giving the class, the DJ and the music system to carry out the two sessions, the recording specialist, prepare the strategy marketing and pre-event launch, during the event and post-event, VIP invitation to the event, press invitation and the thousands of other things that are necessary to be able to launch a health and sports event of this size in Qatar.

Finally, after much effort, work, and months of stress, we managed to celebrate the largest spinning class in Qatar on December 4, 2021, with 200 participants pedaling in the two sessions in which the event was divided up into two sessions (100 participants in the first session at 8 am and 100 participants in the second session at 9 am) with the music of DJ Andrew Harris,  where the master trainer, Carla Pregigueiro, who led both sessions, and created the sessions following the rhythm, style and vibrations of the life music that the  DJ mixed. With all this and in conjunction with 3 other coaches, with all the participants, the place, the day, the time, the place, and absolutely everyone’s dedication to the event, a training environment was created, an atmosphere of spinning and fun, where a 45-minute session flew by and the participants wanted more.

Not only did we have the spinning session, but after each session, we were able to finish stretching properly with Lulu Lemon’s stretching zone and refresh and recharge with the Raw Me Qatar healthy snack zone.

In addition, all participants had the option of requesting a high-quality cycling jersey of the event, with the image of all the sponsors, with the name and date of the event and suitable for them, designed by the famous brand Veloracer Qatar.

On behalf of all the sponsors who collaborated in the event and on behalf of the organizing sponsors of the event, we want to thank all the participants who made it possible for the small spinning community that we have in Qatar, to enjoy such huge levels of participation at the official level and it was amazing!

We hope that the spinning class continues growing and that next year there will be a second round of The Largest Spinning Class in Qatar so we will see each other again, as well as loads of new faces.


We are ready for another great spinning event!



Thanks to 

Main sponsors

Qatar Olimpic Comitte

Katara Cultural Village




Noor Al Jaber

Samer Bejjani

Diallo Haq

Carla Pregigueiro


Lulu Lemon

Spinning studios

Intercontinental Doha hotel

The Indoor Ster Studio

Cyqlone Studio

Sharq Village hotel

Ritz Cartlon hotel




Andrew Harris

Recording and production

Bylo Company

Snacks and water

Raw me Qatar

Ryan Water

Other sponsors


Carbon wheels

Padel Club

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