Do you do strength training with weights?


It has been shown that daily activity, movement, and physical exercise brings numerous benefits to the physical and mental health of people so, do you prioritize strength training with weights?

Doing strength training with weights at home, at a fitness center or in the open air has numerous benefits linked to health, mind, well-being, and emotions. Are you convinced? See my reasons below to persuade you!

1. It is an suitable activity for everyone. 

Weight training is suitable for men and women of all ages who have no health problems which may prevent them from doing them. In the latter case, it is always recommended to check with a specialist first.

2. Short and effective training. 

This type of training fits perfectly into our current daily schedules, given that you don’t need much time to do strength training. Furthermore, you can do it anywhere: sports center, park or home. Nowadays, we have infinitive options, combinations, and types of training. The ideal situation is to train at least 4  days a week, for thirty minutes, doing short but effective sessions. If you want more training ideas, go onto my IG page or on my Youtube channel.

3. It helps you to be healthy, strong, and energetic. 

As well as the two earlier reasons, strength training brings a serious of important health benefits for our physical and mental strength.

It reduces the risks of suffering injuries.

Strength training reduces tension and strengthens bones, tissues, and joints, gaining joint flexibility and reducing symptoms of arthritis. In addition, it is important to mention that not only does it help gain muscle, it also helps to strengthen bones, improving bone density.  It is for this reason that carrying out strength training with weights helps diminish the possibility of suffering injuries.

Improve physical capabilities. 

Naturally, if our wish is the improve your strength capacity and gain muscle, weight training is, without doubt, the best training. This doesn’t mean that it is the only physical capability that we can work on this method. With strength training, it is possible to work on physical capabilities such as resistance or speed and improve the cardiovascular system. Yes you’ve read correctly, strength training is not known as a cardiovascular exercise, but it also helps improve the heart by reducing blood pressure. Such improvement depends on variables such as volume intensity and types of schedules.

Reduces stress.

Studies suggest this form of training increases the production of norepinephrine (a neurotransmitter that can moderate the brain’s response to stress) for this reason, physical training in general and for that reason strength training, are the ideal form to release tension and stress.

It helps reduce fat.

It is common to hear of the association between weight loss with aerobic training. Be careful believing that several hours on the cross-trainer machine or treadmill will help us burn fat quicker. It is shown that strength training with weights of short duration and high intensity is more efficient in this process of weight loss. Strength training increases metabolism and it can continue burning calories in the subsequent hours after training.

It helps you fall asleep.

Weight training helps us sleep better as, during a session, we stimulate the release of serotonin in our body, helping with the synchronization of the natural cycle of sleep.

It improves performance in sports practice. 

Strength training with weight is the best work-training compensation for all sports practices. Not only because you perform better but also for what we mentioned in section 3.1, it helps us reduce injuries. Whichever your sport may be, don’t forget to do compensatory specific training.

It improves our diet.

It is a lot easier to follow a healthy diet plan when we are training than when we are not. Studies show that people who lead a more active and healthy life, with strength training practice, tend to control their calorie intake more as well as types of food.

Don’t think about it any further! Start your strength training plan, whether it is in your fitness center, house, street, with friends, because you have already seen that strength training with weights brings numerous benefits, not only physical but also multiple benefits on health, mental, emotional level. If you have never done this type of activity, consult a professional on the matter (a personal trainer, a professional of physical conditioning, qualified in physical activities and health, etc) in order to be able to learn how to do these exercises correctly.

So now you know! Do your strength training with weights, 4 times a week for 30 minutes wherever you can, any place. It will help you create your lifestyle which will last forever.

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