exercise a daily habit

How can you make physical exercise a daily habit?

In order to have a daily active lifestyle in which training or physical exercise becomes a daily habit.


Here  you have my best tips to get it:

1. Schedule your training days.

If your week starts on Monday, on Sunday night, plan your training week (schedules, days, type of activity … etc.). Therefore you will not have time to make any excuses since it is within your weekly schedule.

2. Make it the first thing you do each day.

Start the day training, why? Because you will be active. You will actually tick your agenda and you will have fewer temptations to skip it. In the afternoon it is harder because it is later and you will be tired, sometimes you end up working late…etc. You always have an excuse not to train.

3. Get your training gear ready the night before.

It will be easier to get up and train.

4. Organize and plan in advance your training sessions.

This will allow you to become more productive and efficient when you train.

5. Don’t go overboard on the first day of the week.

Try to start with a gentle routine not too challenging and keep it going until the end of the week.

6. Train with friends or with your partner.

This shared time together will help you to motivate and become training a fun habit.

7. Stay active for the rest of the day.

Walk to work, climb the stairs, stretch every 45 minutes per hour, do not use the elevator, take the dog for a walk … Remember that walking for 20 minutes is better than not moving all day.

8. Make sure your workouts focus on one goal.

You must be very clear about what you want to achieve: improve your cardio level, train to compete, lose weight, stay fit and healthy … etc.

These simple tips can help you lead a much more active and healthy lifestyle. You no longer have excuses to turn physical exercise into a daily habit.

You just have to plan it and … START TODAY!

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