Do we really need to diet?

All the things we do day by day have an influence on our physical appearance.


The decisions which we make each day about what to eat and drink are going to determine our future, by which I mean that they are going to define our physical appearance, our weight, the quantity of body fat, our future illnesses. In general, these decisions will define our health given that our daily diet is what keeps our body functioning.

All of us have different calorie requirements as intake depends on age, gender, level of activity, lifestyle, and profession. For this reason, we should learn to choose foods to create a balanced, nutritious diet that lasts for the rest of our lives.

There are neither bad nor good foods, nor one diet that is better than another one; simply put, we have to learn to choose foods, read the labels, know what processed food is and how to identify it, learn about the effect of each food on our body. My intention with this post is that we get a better idea when it comes to opting for one food or another and not seeing a diet as a form of deprivation rather a lifestyle.

Firstly, we must differentiate between being nourished and being fed; the term nutrition and the term food are completely related but they do not mean the same thing.

Nutrition is a vital process for human beings whereby our body benefits from the ingested nutrients to keep it working correctly (we cannot educate it). However, eating food is made up of actions that we carry out consciously and voluntarily, which aims to select, prepare, and consume foods (this part can be taught). 

So diet is the combination of the foods you eat daily, taking into account the portions you consume, in other words, a balanced diet is one which provides you with each and every one of the nutrients in adequate quantity and quality  to cover your needs based on your situation (health, body, lifestyle, work…)This is the reason why a diet has to be individualized (the same one doesn’t work for everybody, there is no universal diet).

This is where food options arise as we have lots of ways to feed ourselves but only one to nourish ourselves. It is because of this that we should choose nutritious foods and make those a life choice by enjoying what we are eating every day.

Nutritious foods which your diet is based on are:

    • Non- processed cereals such as oats, rice, wheat, buckwheat, rye, spelt…
    • Vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, avocado, onions, peppers, spinach…
    • Fruit like red fruits, oranges, bananas, grapes, watermelon, apples 
    • Fats such as coconut oil, olive oil, nuts, avocado, yogurt, and fats which goes with meats, fish, and cheeses.
    • Seeds such as pumpkin seeds, almonds, chia, dates…etc.
    • Pulses such as beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils…etc.

It is important to mention that it is not easy to get all the nutrients and necessary elements in foods these days to be able to enjoy enough energy and full health, no matter how varied our diet may be. For this reason, it is advisable to speak to a specialist nutritionist, seeking help and recommendations about supplements to cover deficiencies such as iron, certain vitamins or simply how to strengthen your gut bacteria or digestive enzymes with probiotics.

Remember that eating healthily, more than dieting is creating a lifestyle based on a food plan (eating fresh products, don’t overindulge in carbohydrates, eat a large number of vegetables, avoid all processed food, drink lots of water throughout the day) remain active (training, move as much as you can during the day, at work, while traveling, surround yourself with positivity  (friends, family…)  and above all learn to enjoy the process: the food, work, training sessions, all that you do in general in order to create a healthy lifestyle which will last forever.

So… do we need a diet?

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