beFitness Active Wear, your new fitness clothing brand

Online searches for sportswear brands with functional, comfortable, and, of course, beautiful designs have skyrocketed in the last year. Leggings, crop tops, and sweatshirts have become the staples of our wardrobe, leaving dresses, blazers, and other pieces that previously played a main role in the day-to-day look are now firmly left in the background.

Working from home, exercising at home and outdoor plans have meant that our aesthetic priorities have changed completely. All this, added to the need to stay active, has led to the positioning and creation of new fitness clothing brands and an increase in their sales of up to 60%.

Throughout the 2021 and 2022 seasons, the big firms -both luxury and low-cost brands- have been launching clothing lines focused on comfort and fitness, making tracksuits and sports outfits the new wardrobe.

But, are there brands specialized in fitness fashion beyond the ones we all know? Of course! We will present them one of them in this article, the new fitness clothing brand that is already in the Qatari market and that will soon be in the Spanish market, it is called beFitness Active Wear.

Do you want to know more about the brand?

beFitness Active Wear is a fitness clothing brand that looks for sustainability, in the sense that it seeks a balance between the aesthetic and the functional. Undoubtedly, this brand has pieces that, analyzing the latest trends, you can (and want) to wear, not only for your training but also in your day-to-day living.

The beFitness Active Wear garments are designed mainly for women (although the brand also has a men’s line available on request), they are based on a minimalist aesthetic that is made up of monochrome, functional looks adapted to current trends, whose objective is that women feel comfortable both when wearing the garments on an everyday basis and when training (be it yoga, fitness, running… etc.).

In the brand’s catalog (available on our website and available in Spanish and English), most of the garments are made up of a very high percentage of polyester and a very high percentage of nylon (depending on the piece) and in all of them in a lower percentage, we will find a percentage of spandex, which makes the garments long-lasting and resistant to any impact or type of position or body movement.

Today when it comes to physical exercise, there are many variants that influence the practice of physical activity that we carry out and its success. One of these requirements is the use of the best brands of sportswear. For this reason, with this article, we recommend the beFitness Active Wear brand that you can currently find in the Lagoona Mall in the DECODE store (Doha, Qatar) and online in the TAJER APP (available for all countries in the Middle East) and very soon in Spain. The brand’s logo is an avocado and the brand’s motto is “training has never been so comfortable).

Look for the AVOCADO and join the beFitness Active Wear movement!

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